Commercial, Multi-Family & Tenant Improvements 
From Concept to Completion

While it may seem like a few easy steps there is actually a lot of behind the scenes planning, meeting, and scheduling that takes place for these projects to happen. That's where Olive & Oak Design Co. comes in. We can help with all those things and have years of experience doing so! 

Services We Can Provide and the Process Include:

1.  Raw ground  - vision and concept

2. Take the vision and concept before the city to seek support for land use

3. Design land & buildings


4. Take before the city for final approval of vision and concept 

5. Bid land development and vertical construction  - bidding/contracting 

6. Execute land development 

7. City walk through

8. Building permits issued 

9. Vertical Construction  - through certificate of occupancy 

Still not sure? We would love to sit down with you or sometimes even a phone conversation will do and chat about your project to see how we may be of service for your specific need.